500px Distribution - FAQ

**Updated June 29th, 2018**

For photographers who submit their photos to 500px for licensing, we partner with two exclusive distribution partners or resellers who work directly with local brands and advertisers in specific territories. Distributors operate their own e-commerce platforms where they host licensable 500px content.

What does a distribution partner do?

Distribution partners, also known as the channel or distribution channel, are strategic partners that represent licensable 500px content and package licensable 500px content to fit their buyers needs.

Who are 500px's distribution partners?

500px works directly with two exclusive distribution partners - Getty Images and Visual China Group (VCG). You can read more about each here.

Distribution partner payouts - How do I get paid for distribution sales?

Distribution partners license 500px content on their own websites and then monthly or quarterly, report their sales to 500px. 500px then processes distribution partner royalties through our payment system and the sales appear in individual photographer’s Licensing Sales History as License Name - Distributor sale.

Distribution partner payouts - How does the royalty split work with distribution partner sales?

With any distribution partner sale, there are three (3) parties involved in the royalty split - the distribution partner, 500px, and the photographer. 500px has negotiated competitive royalty splits with each of our partners. As per our distribution agreements, we cannot disclose the exact royalty percentage for each individual partnership.

Distribution partner payouts - Can you describe what you mean by three (3) parties involved in the royalty split?

For example, if 500px were to have an even-share royalty agreement with our distribution partner, then 500px’s initial share would be 50% of any sale transacted by the distribution partner.

If for instance they were to license an image for $250.00 to their client, the royalty breakout would be:

Initial sale price - $250.00

Distribution partner’s share - $125.00

500px & Photographer share - $125.00

Then, based on the individual photo’s Representation Rights (Exclusive or Non-Exclusive) the Photographer share is either:

Exclusive - $75.00 (60% of $125.00)

Non-exclusive - $37.50  (30% of $125.00)

Distribution partner Pricing:

Distribution partners have sole discretion over their pricing. This is also outlined in our Contributor Agreement.

I received a notification that my photo sold, but the amount I received is much less than the price listed on your distribution partner’s website. Why?

Distribution partners provide a list price or the suggested price on their platforms. In other industries it's known as the MSRP or Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. The suggested price on our distribution partner platforms is based on file size. However, from time to time our distribution partners will provide bulk pricing or discounted pricing based on their client’s needs or a specific pricing agreement that may have been negotiated between the distribution partner and the client. Each distribution partner has sole discretion over pricing. All major licensing platforms in the stock photography industry work in the same way. This has been the case since we began working with distribution partners in 2015. Of note, this was also true of 500px Marketplace when it was operational.

How do I know if my 500px images are part of the Distribution Channel?

In accepting the Contributor Agreement and enabling licensing, photographers grant 500px the right to distribute any images submitted to 500px for licensing. 

What if I’m not interested in licensing my photos through the Distribution Channel or through Distributors?

If you're not interested in licensing your work through 500px and our distribution partners, you can disable licensing under your Settings.


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