Troubleshooting for iOS/Android applications

Something's not working properly on your app? Let's troubleshoot together. 


1. The first thing we suggest is to uninstall the app. Reboot your phone. Then reinstall the app.

2. If you're using an Android, another suggestion is to go to Settings->Apps->500px->Storage->Clear Data; that will reset the app and may allow users access again.

3. If none of these suggestions seem to help, please send along the version/device/OS (operating system) you are currently operating on along with network information (wifi or cellular), country, cell provider, etc..

4. Lastly, please provide the version of the 500px app you are currently running and any screenshots of the issue.

If you've performed these steps, and are still experiencing trouble, submit a request here.

Be sure to include the information outlined above to save yourself some time! We love screenshots or screen recordings. 

Have more questions? Ask us!