Your photo has been Declined for licensing

NOTE: Unfortunately, images that have been Declined for Licensing cannot be resubmitted. 

Sexually Explicit: We do not accept images containing fully exposed breasts, buttocks, or genitals, or that portray a sexually explicit concept. These images could prove offensive or sensitive to some of our Buyers.

Inappropriate Content: Absurd, distasteful or offensive content, with no redeeming commercial value. This Decline reason is used in extreme circumstances for content that is not suitable to be included in the 500px Licensing collection.

Similar image(s) already submitted or accepted:
We can't accept images into our collection that are similar to another image(s) you've already uploaded. Images must be different enough to provide additional value to our customers. We can't accept more than three color variations of the same image or similar images, and models must appear in different situations or with different expressions to be considered. Please be selective and submit only the very best from each image series.

No Model Release: Every recognizable person in this image must have a signed release uploaded and linked accordingly. This Decline reason is used when there are recognizable people in an image and it’s deemed unlikely that the photographer can obtain Model Releases for all recognizable people in the image.

Limited Aesthetic or Commercial Value/Appeal:  The image submitted has little or no sales potential and is not considered commercially viable. In some cases, this decline reason is not used alone. There could also be at least one technical reason that the image has “limited value”. Our Photo Editors have years of stock photography curation experience and understand our Buyers needs extremely well. It’s important to point out that this Decline reason is a judgement call based on the experience level and expertise of our Photo Editors.

Image out of focusThe submission is not completely sharp and in-focus when viewed at 100%, so we can't accept it into our collection.

Copyright/Intellectual Property issue: The submission contains elements that appear to be protected by intellectual property laws, so we can't accept it into our collection. Please review the following intellectual property rights guidelines:

Protected elements can be certain objects depicted in an image as well as protected terms (like names or trademarks) in the image's description, title and/or keywords. Here are some examples of subjects protected by intellectual property laws:

Products and objects

Commercial products (e.g., toys, fashion items, electronic devices and designer furniture) should never be in focus and/or be the main subject of the content if they're identifiable and distinctive in visual appearance, like shape or color.

Trademark, trade dress and intellectual property

We can't accept any appearance of logos, trademarks, company or brand names (e.g., Apple, Nike, Gucci and BMW) in your images. This includes identifiable packaging or other product dress.

Locations, venues, monuments, landmarks

Ticketed locations with paid admission—like zoos, museums or amusement parks—very often have photography restrictions. Images require property releases when they depict unique locations with distinctive features in an identifiable manner, including but not limited to identifiable enclosures, installations and animals.

Some landmarks and monuments can't be accepted, depending on location, artist, age and all other relevant restrictions. It's your responsibility to find out if any photography restrictions apply.

Architecture, buildings

Modern architecture with unique building structures requires a release when it's the main focus of the image. However, depending on the specific situation, city vistas, skylines or closeups may be fine.

Copyrighted objects

Images depicting or originating from artworks, sculptures, street art, drawings, illustrations, literature, fonts and graphic elements are not acceptable if not originally created by you.

These measures are in place to protect you, our contributor, as well as our customers

General Technical Reasons: Improper use of on-camera/direct flash, poor or uneven lighting. Severe digital quality issues that cannot be fixed i.e. extreme noise or compression artefacts.


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