Pre-release (Beta) Instructions

We take the feedback we receive from our beta groups very seriously since it helps to shape the future of 500px.

Here’s how you get access to the beta version of the Android app:

  1. If you’ve already opted into the beta group, you should have received an email from 500px (via Crashlytics) that will include a link to access the test version of the app. Tap the ‘Check it out’ button.


2. Tap ‘Download’ in the browser window that automatically opens, then tap ‘Download’ again when prompted by your browser to save.


3. Tap the downloaded file from your notifications. You’ll need to enable installing apps from 3rd party sources (you can disable it again afterwards). Tap the  ‘Settings’ button that takes you directly to the Settings page - when there, just enable the toggle button and press the ‘Back’ button.



4. Press ‘Install’, then ‘Open’.



5. Now ‘Beta by Crashlytics’ opens, just confirm your email and fill in your name if you’d like and press ‘Next’.



6. Select the 500px app in Crashlytics then tap ‘Download’.


7. You’ll get the same security dialog as in Step 3 - tap ‘Settings’, enable the toggle button, then tap ‘Install’.




8. Finally, tap the ‘Open’ button and the beta version will open.



Please use your regular username/email to login. If you’ve forgotten your password, please use this link to reset your password.

 The beta version will replace the regular version of the app. If at any time you’d like to go back to the non-beta version, just delete the app as you usually would and re-download from the Google Play Store.



Have more questions? Ask us!