Awesome on iOS

We have launched a mobile exclusive subscription for iOS devices to allow all the features that our Awesome tier provides. This subscription is a monthly or yearly subscription managed by the App Store in app purchases and all features carry over to the web version of the site.

How to Purchase:

If you do not have a premium subscription you will see this banner when you try to upload a photo: 




By clicking the "Upgrade now" button, you'll be taken to the following screen breaking down the subscription options. The price displayed will be in your local currency. As an example, this screenshot shows the currency in CAD.




Select either Monthly or Yearly Awesome membership. Select the "Get Awesome yearly" or "Get Awesome monthly" button. An option to login with your Apple ID will pop up. Sign in and the payment screen will pop up requesting the subscription fee. Any taxes that are applicable will appear on this screen. This will display the final price of your subscription. 

The confirmation Screen will display as such: 

Image_from_iOS__2_.png IMG_3166.PNG


Once the payment is successful the banner displaying on the Upload page will display as such:




How to Cancel: 

To cancel the subscription you'll need to do it directly through your subscriptions in your device's settings. 

1) Go to your Settings and select your Apple ID.

2) Select Subscriptions.

3) Select 500px and then click Cancel Subscription.

Your membership will expire on the date displayed on your confirmation screen. 

How to Request a Refund:

Please contact Apple for any refund inquiries or requests.




Have more questions? Ask us!