Stats FAQ

The goal of Stats is to both increase engagement and to help educate users about how to grow their photography on 500px. Stats now lives under your profile avatar and can also be accessed directly by going to


What’s included in Stats?

OverviewRankings, Activity, and Photography insights and tips are included in Advanced Stats.

Overview: This section will provide high level numeric and trending highlights extracted from the past 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and the past year.

Rankings: This section will provide photo, pulse, camera, and lens rankings.

Activity: This section will provide a detailed historical breakdown of your photo and profile activity.

Photography insights and tips: This section will provide aggregated learnings from your photo and profile activities. It will also show tips on how to improve each category.


Do I have to pay to use Stats?

Yes. Advanced Stats are included in our paid memberships. If you are interested in this feature, you can upgrade to a paid membership here:


What happens when my free trial period expires?

You will be able to see the perks included in Stats, along with a prompt to visit the Upgrade page if you wish to switch to a paid membership. For more information on our free trials, please refer to the following:


How often are Stats updated?

When checking your Advanced Stats, please keep in mind that statistics are updated once a day, and not in real time.


The number of Views on my images are different than the number of Views in my Advanced Stats. How are Views calculated?

The number of Views in your Advanced Stats show genuine engagement metrics, which is a more accurate representation of the community’s engagement with your photo. There are multiple ways an image can receive a View on 500px:


  1. A photo will receive a View when it appears in a user’s Following Feed. As the user scrolls, the images they see in this feed will receive a View.
  2. A photo will receive a View via Discover, Profile and Galleries when the image is clicked and expanded.
  3. A photo will receive a View via Discover, Profile and Galleries when the Like (heart icon) button is clicked from the photo thumbnail view.
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