Inclusivity Guidelines

500px is proud to be a worldwide community, which welcomes everyone, regardless of culture, creed, sexual orientation or colour. In that spirit, here are some guidelines to help lead the way.

1. Don't use offensive terms for any group of people. This includes ethnic slurs, name calling or any hate speech.

2. Photography is art, and sometimes art is emotional. We understand that some photos may capture images that are hard to see. Whether it's of political unrest, violence or sexual images. This is what makes photography powerful in the world. 

3. Treat each other the way you'd like to be treated. For example, if someone posts a low quality photo, give them some constructive feedback to improve. Did someone post a photo in a Group that's meant for discussions? Kindly ask them to not post that type of content there, and direct them to a Group that would be more open to it. (Here’s more info on Group moderation)

4. Only upload content you have photographed yourself. 

If we can all keep these guidelines in mind, 500px will continue to flourish as an inclusive community, where everyone can be feel welcomed and safe. Thanks!

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