How do I get paid and track my sales?

You can track your sales from the Payout History page which is found in the Licensing Manager. There you'll find a breakdown of all your sales. Sales take 45 days to process.

Under the "Earning" column you'll see the status for each payout. Once a payout is available to be paid out it will be listed under the "Available" status. When a particular payout is processing it will display the "Processing" status. The "Paid" status is for payouts that have already been paid out. Finally the "Failed" status is displayed when a payout has failed.

Ensure that your Payout setup is complete before requesting a Payout. 

Then you can request a Payout by clicking on a specific payout and then clicking the "Request payout" button and confirming. Once you've requested your Payout, it will show its current status under the "Payout history" section.


Requesting Payouts

We can send payments via the following (please note that options vary by country):

eCheck / Local Bank Transfer: $5.50 fee

ACH: Free

Wire Transfer: $16.50-$28.60 fee

PayPal: Free*

* We do not charge for PayPal transfers, however they may be subject to PayPal fees

Please note your “Available to Request Payout” amount must be at least $30.00 to request a payout. Payouts are processed by 500px every 10 - 15 business days.


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