Content Moderation Guidelines

When uploading to 500px (this includes photos, comments, Galleries, Groups, etc), it is important to abide by our Terms of Service in order to make your experience on 500px, and the experience of others, a positive one. Below, you will find a list of content reporting options and explanations as to why such a warning/suspension would be issued by our Moderators.


All uploaded photos must be personally photographed by the account holder.
You may not download content from other websites to post on our platform. This includes all websites that provide free use licenses and AI generated content services. If you are the subject of the photo but not the photographer, you may not post this on our platform.
Unless you have personally photographed the content, uploading this onto your account is violating our guidelines and terms.


Should be tagged as Adult Content

  • Content showing full/partial nudity. You can find our Adult & Unsuitable Content policy here.

 Offensive (rude, obscene)

  • Comments, user’s photos, etc., can be reported for being offensive. Circumstances include, but are not limited to:
    • Photos that are pornographic and/or sexually explicit (sexual acts, fetish, violence, models in compromising positions)
    • Photos focussing on male/female sexual reproductive organs (penis, vagina, anus)
    • Excessive gore, blood, and/or horror
    • Violence, hate crime/speech, and any form of illegal activity (depending on the context to which it has been uploaded)
    • Animal cruelty (despite the motivations of a contributor being wholesome, we do not allow photos documenting animal abuse of any kind, even for awareness)

 Spam (ads, self-promotion)

  • Users who are using their profiles to advertise services and products unrelated to 500px.
  • Repeatedly uploading the same images and posting advertisements in Groups and comments
  • Product photography or content used to promote products.
  • Advertising for the purpose of self-promotion (Models, Bots, etc.)

 Copyright (plagiarism, stealing)

  • Uploading content that you personally haven't photographed. All content needs to be personally photographed by you to be acceptable by our platform and fall within our guidelines and terms.

 Wrong Content (illustration, 3D)

  • Non-photographic content that has not been derived from a camera. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Screenshots exhibiting web pages
    • Video game captures
    • Animated, AI, 3D generated imagery
    • Drawings, illustrations
    • Photos covered in text

 Abusive/Harassing behaviour

  • Sending abusive or harassing comments or messages to other users of our platform.
  • Posting abusive or harassing content/descriptions on photos/tags/profile or cover photos/gallery names/etc...
  • Falsely reporting photos or accounts for incorrect reasons. 

Offtopic (trolling)

  • A user who sows discord on the Internet in order to start arguments, etc., by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages throughout our online community


Although you may be able to see this type of content posted to 500px, it does not mean we permit it. It takes time to remove ALL content in violation of our Terms of Service. Going forward, please follow our Terms of Service guidelines rather than what other users are posting in our community.

In order to avoid violations of our Terms of Service during your time here on 500px, here are a few tips you can follow:

In cases of violation, our Moderators will make an effort to reach out to you before suspending your account. Depending on the nature of the content you’re posting, your account may be subject to immediate suspension.

If you have been warned multiple times for the same violation, a permanent suspension may be placed on your account. Please be advised, we do not offer refunds on paid subscriptions that have been permanently suspended.

If you have received a warning, or your account is currently suspended, and you wish to provide additional information or context, please contact our team to discuss.

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