500px Messenger (Android) FAQ

500px Messenger is a feature that will help you connect with other photographers on our platform. You can send messages from any device and browser, including the website, but it’s still in beta testing! This means that you may notice some bugs, or abilities that are not currently implemented. We’d love your feedback!

How do I get started?

You’ll want to ensure you’re running the latest version of our 500px app.

On the far right, your Messenger icon will appear. Click here to check your messages, or send a message to another 500px user. Your Profile avatar (beside the 500px logo) will direct you to your profile page. 


Your messages will appear as they are received, and you can also start new Messenger conversations using the icon in the window as depicted below. 


You can use the message box to type your message/reply to any 500px user. Press ‘Send’ to communicate your message!


What if I’m receiving inappropriate messages?

Users are given 2 reporting options for Messenger: Block user, and Report user.


Blocking a user will stop them from having the ability to contact you on Messenger.

Reporting a user will bring their account, and conversation in question, to the attention of 500px’s Moderators.

 From our Terms:

 500px reserves the right to access and monitor private messages exchanged through 500px’s messenger service for moderation purposes, based on any reports that 500px receives alleging the violation of these Terms through the use of 500px’s messenger service, including without limitation, reports the reporting of a User regarding alleged harassment, indecency, and offensive messages.

You can perform any of these actions by clicking on the “...” button on the top right corner of your messenger window.

Our Content Moderation Guidelines can be reviewed here.

Our Inclusivity Guidelines can be reviewed here.


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